Ben Affleck loves taking his new girlfriend for a walk during lockdown

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas going on so many walks whiffs of fake. We don’t need your pda we need you to go home. You know going for so many dog walks during lock down and flaunting your new fancy lady friend (she is

Weekly Roundup – 17 Apr 20

Lady Gaga must have gotten stuck in that candy floss machine again. Poor Prince William, we all know he didn’t age well but nobody mentions it, but whoever put him on the jumbotron should lose their citizenship, he looks like an actual pony. Is anybody

Sonic The Hedgehog – review

Everyones favourite hedgehog gets his own movie. Here Sonic is actually an alien hiding out in small town America trying to avoid echidnas (I think) who want to kill him and Dr Robonik who also wants to kill him. How exactly can you add a

Bad Boys For Life – review

Will Smith and the other one return to Boy Boys for a third movie. Just 17 years after the already past it’s 90s sell by date Bad Boys II, they return to solve crime in sunny Miami only this time, they are old. That’s it.

Henry Cavill Sells Flavoured Water

If you google Henry Cavill water, the top search you get is this: Not this: So clearly the advertising campaign for Rosemary Water using Henry Cavill is missing a couple of tricks. What they are selling is Henry Cavil goes to Italy for an infomercial.

The Rock Loves Suits and Gym Clothes all colours of the rainbow

The Rock always puts a lot of effort into his outfits even if I have noticed what he wears swings wildly from dapper fellow in a suit to sweaty gym bunny, with very little casual stuff in between. Think about it, when was the last

Charlies Angel’s (2019) – review

A continuation of sorts of the Charlie’s Angels franchise last seen in cinemas during 2003, did we need this? Did we want this? Is it better than the Barrymore/Diaz/Liu installments. No. The answer is no. This movie is terrible. Do you remember that scene from

The Many Faces Of Taron Egerton

Now that Taron Egerton has taken that big hat off we can take a look at his face. We can now tell that Egerton in fact does not have many faces at all, he has only one face, confused.

Jumanji Next Level – review

A sequel to the Rock Jumanji movie released in 2017. Its more of the same, trapped in a game, avatars look different to real life people and they get chased by animals and try not to die. If you watched Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle

Selena Gomez Sells Activewear

Selena Gomez has a full range of Puma clothes and shoes, you know, all sorts of spandex stuff you would wear to the gym (and apparently the airport), I have noticed a trend in how she models all this gear. How do I put this?