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The Problem With Liam Payne

The problem with Liam Payne? Well the short answer, he just isn’t cool is he. But why isn’t he cool lets take a look. He dresses like Justin Bieber, but somehow Bieber makes it work. Liam looks like he thinks he should be wearing clothes

The Problem with Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons are very successful, they have won a Grammy, sold loads of albums and set records for streaming, but they are disliked by many. But you know what the real problem with Imagine Dragons is? Overexposure. We all know they love to drum, right?

The problem with Smurfette Syndrome

Reese Witherspoon talked about the Smurfette Syndrone recently, see┬áhere. She isn’t wrong, being the only girl in the village happens a lot. For as long as there has been movies with a team of people, no matter the genre, there is usually only one space

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The Problem with Jurassic World

There are lots of things wrong with Jurassic World and I hope that I am not the only one to notice them. I might be the only one to be as frustrated by them but allow me to  the enlighten you with these frustrations and