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Free Fire – review

A black market arms deal in a warehouse, set in the 1970s ¬†goes a bit wrong. A whole bunch of people with access to guns, low morals and who really don’t want to get caught by the police, you can see where this is heading

The skybeam of doom in all the movies

Everybody is starting to notice that there is often a big swirly beam of light (usually blue but sometimes green) in the sky in a lot of movies. People are starting to notice and we are getting bored of it. Superhero movies get a lot

Top 10 favourite movies of 2016

popbabbles list of the favourite movies released at the cinema (in the UK) throughout 2016. It was a difficult choice this year as there has been a few terrible movies (more on this later), a whole lot of movies that were okay and very few

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – review

A group of rebels must obtain the plans for the death star before Darth Vader and the Empire start using the super weapon to destroy planets. For a whole film to be based off the opening crawl and a few lines of dialogue in Star Wars

Kubo And The Two Strings

Kubo is a small boy who lives in a cave with his mother, everyday to goes to the local village to tell stories but his mother insists he be back before dark. So when he is a bit late, he finds himself fighting vengeful spirits

Morgan – review

Morgan is a genetically engineered person/creature/girl who may or may not have no moral compass and be capable to killing people willy nilly, it is Kate Maras job to investigate and find out whats going on. I have no faith in The Black List if

My Blind Brother – review

Nick Kroll always plays second fiddle to his overachieving blind brother (Adam Scott) but when the rivalry between the two is ignited when they realise they both like Jenny Slate. This is a mildly amusing comedy with jokes that hit more than they miss. The

Most Anticipated Movies Of 2017

For this years Most Anticipated Movies list, I have tried to include 10 movies that aren’t all major franchise/blockbusters/remakes. Just to give a little bit more variation from Pirates Of The Caribbean, Transformers and movies staring The Rock. Most anticipated superhero movie – Wonder Woman

Top 10 Vest Wearers

The vest wearer, an iconic look for an action star. Sometimes all it takes is one movie (or one vest) to make an icon, other times the vest becomes so linked to a character there is no other costume available for them to consider wearing.

Matthew McConaughey Sells Bourbon

Matthew McConaughey wants you to buy this whiskey and Wild Turkey want Matthew McConaughey to sell whiskey so much that they made him ‘creative director’ which means that he gets to have a go at directing a commercial. It is a pretty standard alcohol commercial,